Fehmarn Link Business Conference - NEW DATE - ONLINE!

New date: December 2nd, 2020 13.00-15.30

Conference Format

The construction of the Fixed Fehmarn Belt Link will start up in the beginning of 2020 on the Danish side.

The Fehmarn Link Business Conference (FLBC20)  is a “Kick-off event” in relation to the start up of the construction-phase of the Fehmarn Belt project, which focuses on business opportunities arising from the Fehmarn Belt project in a wider perspective.

Fehmarn Link Business Conference 2020 is a one-day event where regional and international businesses will have the opportunity to become informed about the start up processes from the clients and consortia, meet other suppliers and engage in strategic partnerships.

The main outcome for the businesses within the target group are expected to be:

  • information on the overall timeframe for the start-up of the major construction works and guidelines for which criteria the international consortia will demand in order for subcontractors to be able to qualify for tendering.
  • a clearer view on what the processes will be regarding a possible participation as subcontractor to the international consortia/winning contractors.
  • an exchange of business opportunities and joint ventures among regional (Danish/German businesses) and international businesses.


The first part of the conference (morning) will involve VIP speeches from the transport ministers from both Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein. The client Femern A/S and the international consortia Femern Link Contractors and Fehmarn Belt Contractors will after that provide the businesses with the latest information on the expected process leading up to the start of the building process.

The second part of the event will be an informal B2B mingling and network between the businesses. Businesses will have the opportunity to buy a “stand” (a high table and 2 chairs) and use this set-up for the promotion of own business expertise to other businesses present.

Food and beverages will be provided free of charge during the event.

The conference language will be English.

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