Fehmarn Link Business Conference - NEW DATE - ONLINE!

New date: December 2nd, 2020 13.00-15.30

Business Stands at the Conference

3F Lolland

Trade Union http://www.3f.dk/lolland

Revisionsfirmaet Aage Maagensen / Dantax Steuerberatungsges. mbH

Revisionsfirmaet Aage Maagensen
Accounting and advisory company which helps with the rules in relation to stationed employee, establishing company in Denmark and Germany, tax and VAT advisory and other related services.
Our clients are companies and private persons which is situated in Denmark. Many of the clients have cross-border activities and therefore we are a full service company in assisting our clients.
Through our network we can also help you with introducing you to other companies, which can help you to solve your problems.

Dantax Steuerberatungsges. mbH
German tax advice in Danish – a unique service for companies and private clients. Everyone at Dantax speaks and writes Danish.
Dantax is specialized in international tax consulting between Denmark and Germany. Located at the Danish-German border since 1987, we have profound experience in assisting Danish and Scandinavian companies and private clients with their activities in Germany.
We assist not only small- and medium-sized companies, but also large companies and concerns. We work together with many other tax consulting companies in Germany, as well as in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. When it comes to specific questions on cross-border tax, we also correspond with similar companies in Germany. We are a networking partner with contacts in banking, investment and law, and also have connections to authorities in Germany and Denmark, allowing us to assist clients in these countries as well as in Scandinavia.

• We possess extensive cross-border knowledge within several branches including in exports:
• Annual reports and tax statements
(to companies and private clients)
• Global employer service
(payroll accounting, employment tax, social security)
• Global business tax
• Double taxation agreement
• International taxation (e.g. transfer pricing)J
• Cross-border VAT
• Consulting on strategic decisions regarding taxation
• Setting up subsidiaries and dependencies
• E-commerce and internet trade

Don’t hesitate to contact us


Acurail Aps

Acurail is a European distributor of KAG safety profile for railings and safety equipment. The KAG safety profile gives up to 300% better grip than the traditional steel profiles you use today.

From major construction projects to hospital showers – the KAG Rails suit a wide variety of applications and environments, and prevent accidents, injuries and muscle strains while boosting comfort and ease.

"Our mission: To replace conventional railings. Deliver a high safety level for the general public and all sectors of industry and help reduce falls and slip accidents.


Adapteo A/S

Adapteo is a leading Northern European provider of modular space solutions. We operate in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Germany, with an annual sales net sale of approximately €220 million.
Adapteo is a new brand with 30+ years of experience, born from the acquisitionof Nordic Modular Group and the demerger from Cramo. We offer premium modular space solutions, to schools, daycare centers, offices, accommodation and events for temporary and permanent needs.
A changing society needs adaptable space. At Adapteo, we make sure everyone has the right kind of space, so that people can grow, and societies can move ahead. We create flexible modular spaces that are good for the planet and great for the future.
Space to grow


Advodan Lolland Falster

Lawyer https://www.advodan.dk/

Arclite® Lichtvertrieb GmbH

When it comes to professional lighting, arclite® is one of the top
addresses in Europe since 1992. Individual LED lighting solutions,
many years of experience and technical know-how. A wide range
of luminaires for many applications, intelligent lighting systems,
concepts and services. Multiple custom made options, safety,
high CRI and efficiency with low energy consumption.
Aluminium solutions from our industry partner Purso® Oy Finland.
Customized lighting for industry, infrastructure, warehouses etc.
The linear luminaire system SNEP® is a safe and flexible lighting
solution, it is customized and made to order. High efficiency and
wide flexibility, such as frame design or special ceiling systems.

AsasarA Cargobikes aps

We build and Sell Professionel cargobikes for industrial use.
Good and fast service.
Local factory placed on Falster.


ATM-Boliger offers comfortable housing for posted employees - we provide "a home away from home".

Everyone needs a comfortable base to return to after a long day of work. This also applies to posted employees. ATM-Boliger provides housing that meets these specific needs: comfortable furniture for work and leisure, internet / WiFi, various services etc.

We are happy to discuss the possibilities of tailoring a solution that suits your specific needs. Stop by our business stand at Fehmarn Link Business Conference '20 and have a chat with us. We are looking forward to answer your questions.


AutoCentro A/S

We are the workshop for you to use!

AutoCentro is located under 1 km from the construction site. AutoCentro is ready to help you at any time.
At AutoCentro you can
-get your car/van fixed
-rent a car/van
-buy a new car/van
-we clean your car/van
-plate workshop for bigger damage
-very high on service

AutoCentro meet your needs!


Baltic FS

Together with the official partners of BALTIC FS, we wish to offer an all-in package for all work around setting up and operating major construction sites to the companies engaged in big construction projects, so that they can focus fully on their core duties. For companies that want to realise major construction projects, we offer you experience and professionalism, and our local business and community networks.
In this way, we provide you with the incalculable advantage of being able to exploit all the options that would be available to a local business.

BGFIX Danmark Aps

Supplier of building site products like fencing, gates, barriers, ground protection, signs, stairs, safety railings etc http://www.bgfix.dk


Bluestaff is the solution when your company performs work on Danish construction sites.

Bluestaff handles the HR function, and is an expert in handling employees of foreign companies. The Bluestaff system ensures that foreign employees are paid correctly according to Danish laws and Collective Agreements.

By using the Bluestaff system you ensure 100% correct handling of your employees in Denmark, thereby ensuring your
company against resource demanding cases within the Danish Construction Arbitrations.

Bluestaff handles all administrative tasks related to salary, from employee is being hired to a construction project until it ends.

The functions in the system include application for withholding tax number, application for the Danish Health Insurance card, preparation of workplans, registration of current workingtime in relation to workplan, salary payment, reporting and payment to the Danish Tax authority: Tax, Pension & Holiday account, etc.



The knowledge of the companies in the BMS Group is centred on taking care of heavy loads as a preferred global and major player within cranes, man lifts, and transport solutions.
We focus on a strong local presence when hiring out equipment of any size and to any assignment from our net of offices on four continents.

Brødrene Dahl A/S

We are a wholesaler company which among other supplies to many of the major buildings in Denmark.

We strive to be Denmark's leading plumbing wholesaler, but we can supply everything connected to water and air, fx plumbing, water & drainage, ventilation, water supply, sprinkler etc.

Other than that we are also strong on tools where we, among other things. has delivered a great deal to the Metro in Copenhagen.

We are used to visiting construction sites of this nature, where there are many nationalities and respect the different cultural barriers that may exist.


Building Network

Building Network advises foreign companies providing specialised support for entry and expansion into into the Scandinavian market in collaboration with trade promotion organisations.

Building Network connects more than 1,000 local, regional and international companies within the construction, energy, life science, healthcare and public sector.

Read more about Building Network on https://buildingnetwork.dk/en/

Core services:


Business Lolland-Falster

Business Lolland-Falster is your one-point-of-contact when considering investment or establishment on Lolland-Falster. We represent the islands’ two municipalities and host the strongest and biggest local business network. Quickly we can arrange for you to meet all relevant local authorities and organizations to help you towards a swift and fact-based decision about concrete plans for investment or establishment. http://www.businesslf.dk

CTS Composite Technologie Systeme GmbH

CTS is one of the european leading companies for GRP profiles, gratingsystems and constructions.
Forget corrosion problems now – find out about a material that provides high resilience and a long lifetime and can be used for construction solutions that were previously unheard of. We supply complex constructions and grating systems in GRP (glass reinforced polyester)
We offer on-site consultation, take measurements and develop the most economical solution for your building project
As your reliable partner, we will ac- company you in the implementation of your project, from the concept stage through to completion, and – if you like – even beyond. Thanks to our years of experience in structural engineering, we can draw up the necessary CAD drawings and plans and work out the associated static calculations. The components are purpose built for you in our plant and are installed by our reliable composite installers. With a service agreement, you can ensure the future maintenance of your facility by CTS.
The consultation, planning, production and installation are monitored by our own quality management as well as by independent institutions.

Dansk Byggeri/The Danish Construction Association

The Danish Construction Association is a trade and employers’ organization for approximately 6.000 contractors and manufacturing companies in the Danish construction sector.
Membership gives your company coverage by the collective agreements for building and construction activities. Other membership advantages include training and advice regarding:
- Employment rules and collective agreements
- Health and Safety rules
- Construction law, public procurement law and competition law
- Building regulation and technical rules

Datamatik ApS

We are the leading distributor of Land Mobile Radio and TETRA in Denmark. Authorized distributor for Motorola Solutions end JVC-Kenwood. Two world leading brands in radiocommunication. We have a wide range of professional accessories for radios. One of our biggest single markets are actually in construction. We will work together with two local companies (RT Teknik and Enelco), in order to provide the best possible service to radiousers. http://www.datamatik.dk

Davai ApS

Davai is a company with very high skills in side welding, surface treatments, bridge maintenance, scaffolding, manpower supply and other areas. http://www.davai.dk

DB Netz AG

With a rail network of over 33.300 km and about 40.000 trains per day, Deutsche Bahn (DB) Netz AG is Europe’s biggest provider of rail infrastructure. Deutsche Bahn is responsible for connecting the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link with the German rail network. To meet the requirements of future traffic, a new electrified double-track railway line leading to the tunnel will be constructed. Thanks to a top speed of 200 km/h, traveling time will be reduced for regional as well as long-distance trains. For example, passengers can get from Hamburg to Copenhagen in only 2.5 hours – roughly half the current duration. http://www.anbindung-fbq.de

DB Netz AG

With a rail network of over 33.300 km and about 40.000 trains per day, Deutsche Bahn (DB) Netz AG is Europe’s biggest provider of rail infrastructure. Deutsche Bahn is responsible for connecting the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link with the German rail network. To meet the requirements of future traffic, a new electrified double-track railway line leading to the tunnel will be constructed. Thanks to a top speed of 200 km/h, traveling time will be reduced for regional as well as long-distance trains. For example, passengers can get from Hamburg to Copenhagen in only 2.5 hours – roughly half the current duration. http://www.anbindung-fbq.de

PHD Stillads A/S

“An International Scaffolding & Access Provider with a strong focus on delivering innovative solutions, Professionally, Honestly, Dependably and safely that exceed client expectations.”
We provide the industry with bespoke access solutions, producing challenging engineered ideas with innovative techniques. Our proactive health and safety ethos maintains a controlled and managed approach to work at height. Our scaffolding experience is extensive in the residential, commercial, heritage, infrastructure & power, rail, international, and healthcare sectors.
We believe in a professional approach to business. We have the expertise and skills to help you achieve your objectives.
Honesty goes hand in hand with professionalism and we believe in being transparent in our services. By being honest we build up trust.
You can depend on us and our team of experts to work collaboratively with you and add value through innovation and good design.
We stand by our values and make sure we always deliver our service Safely. This is reinforced in our Safety Mantra, “Safety By Choice, Not By Chance”


Rail fastening systems http://www.pandrol.com

East Metal Nakskov A/S

East Metal Nakskov (East Metal Group) is a supplier of large and complex steel structures and components. We deliver certified quality supported by ISO 9001, EN 1090-2, ISO 14001 and 45001 certified HSEQ-assurance systems. East Metal has a large and flexible production capacity and we are a major supplier to wind energy sector, offshore industry, lifting and crane industry, and several major OEM-machinery producers.
Key competences include: Material formatting, Welding, CNC-machining, Surface treatment/corrosion protection, Assembly, Proof load tests

Erhvervsskolerne Region Sjælland

The vocational schools in region Zealand offer competence development of leaders and employees and work together in order to find trainees.
The schools offer supplementary training to the companies so they can participate as contractors in the Fehmarnbelt construction work.
The schools are specialists in certificate courses within a wide range of areas.

FB Suppliers

FB Suppliers is a strong network of more than 100 member companies –
Many of which are located near the Femern Belt construction site.
Our mission is to assist the Fehmarn belt construction, in order to save time and resources during the
construction process, while helping local companies increase their growth and competitiveness.
FB suppliers facilitate contact between companies with a need and companies with a solution.
The purpose of FB Suppliers is thus to market the member companies’ competencies towards relevant
Danish and international players in construction and related services.
Members of the network get the opportunity to be involved in these major construction projects and boost business growth.

Fehmarn Belt Contractors


Fehmarn Belt Contractors


Femern A/S

Femern A/S is the company responsible for planning, construction and operation of the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel. The company is part of the Sund & Bælt holding owned by the Danish state to which also the companies responsible for the fixed links across Öresund and Great Belt belong.

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will be the world’s longest immersed tunnel for road and rail stretching 18 km across the Fehmarnbelt from Rødbyhavn in Denmark to the German island of Fehmarn. The tunnel will comprise a four lane motorway and two electrified rail tracks.


Femern Business Park

Local Network http://femernbusinesspark.dk/forside/

Femern Business Park

Local Network http://femernbusinesspark.dk/forside/


Text https://femernlinkcontractors.com/


Text https://femernlinkcontractors.com/

Frimann Biler

Frimann Biler A/S is an authorized Toyota, Citroën, Hyundai and Opel dealer at Lolland-Falster. Through our Frimann Business360 concept, we help the business community keep the vehicle fleet running at the lowest cost.
• Buying, leasing, financing, short-term & long-term rentals.
• Authorized service in Nykøbing F. and Maribo.
• Day-to-day rental.
• Total vehicle fleet management.

GK Rør A/S

Text http://www.gk.dk

Global Tunnelling Experts

In a volatile world that requires agile management, Global Tunnelling Experts is your partner for human resource solutions. We are an experienced provider for qualified workforce for all jobs throughout all construction phases on tunnel construction sites and beyond. Having skilled workforce supporting your project, is your key to success. We help you to choose the right experts, right from the start. We can provide the whole site crew or find the right specialist to perfectly complement your team, whether in the short or long term. Global Tunnelling Experts offers an all-around service and advice in all project phases to find the ideal recruitment solutions for your project. We guarantee quality. Anywhere, any time. https://www.global-tunnelling-experts.com/

GSV Materieludlejning

GSV rent equipment to the construction industry http://www.gsv.dk

Hans Følsgaard A/S

Hans Følsgaard A/S is a technology trading company founded in 1922. HF offers high-tech products and solutions to customers primarily in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. By helping customers develop better end products and reduce customer production costs, promote growth and competitiveness, HF work with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative and market-leading technical products and provides technological and economic added value. HFs headquarter is in Køge and HF employs 90 people. http://www.hf.net

Hartmanns A/S

Hartmanns is among the top 3 biggest HR consultancies companies in Denmark.
We collaborate with more than 6,000 Danish and international organizations. We offer specialist competences within several areas including Search & Selection, Outplacement, flexible workforce and construction.

In “Hartmanns Construction” we offer Danish and foreign companies options within:
• Temporary workers
• Project employees
• Teams of staffing options and staffing projects
• Payrolling solutions
• Recruitment of engineers, project leaders, construction managers and foremen etc. etc.
• …and much more

During the last 25 years we have helped both Danish and international construction and industrial companies with finding suitable employees for short- and long-term projects, and with much more.
We are specialist in every field within HR, which gives us a broader perspective. In today’s labour market it does not make sense to talk about hiring without talking about retention and development. We must include attraction and employer branding when we advise on dismissal topics. Through our broad perspective we are very capable of advising on workforce planning on a strategic level that always include both permanent at flexible positions.

Hartmanns is a member of the as the Danish Construction Association (Dansk Byggeri) as well as Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri), and Danish Business Association (Dansk Erhverv). By following all rules in terms of working hours, wages, social costs and other benefits, we provide security for your company and employees as all current labour legislations are obeyed. We have entered into collective agreements for all respective branches, and with all relevant trade unions.


Holstenhallen Neumünster GmbH / Messe NordBau

The Fair promotes communication, connects and gives the basis for impulses and decisions in the hansebelt region and the Fehmarn Belt region. http://www.nordbau.de

Hotel Saxkjøbing

Kom og besøg et hyggeligt hotel. Vi har dejlige værelser og en god restaurant med fokus på friske og lokale råvarer.

Claus Meyer har ejet hotellet siden 2006 og hans madfilosofi gennemsyrer menukortet. Køkkenet laver gastronomi på tårnhøjt niveau og arbejder – i tæt samarbejde med de lokale gårde, fiskere og fødevareproducenter – på at genskabe stoltheden omkring egnens udsøgte råvarer og produkter.

Hotellet danner ofte rammen om sjove og spændende arrangementer og vi kan også hjælpe dig med at danne rammen om dit arrangement. Skal du holde fest, fødselsdag, konfirmation, barnedåb, bryllyp eller skal du holde jubilæum eller reception så er vi klar til at hjælpe dig med at arrangere det.

Så kom og besøg Hotel Saxkjøbing et nænsomt restaureret hotel i historiske bygninger med restaurant, lounge, festsal og gårdhave. Du kan også komme på besøg i Gårdbutikken, hvor du kan købe en masse lokale råvarer som bl.a. grøntsager, frugt, kød, chokolade, øl, vin, most og meget andet. Gårdbutikken har også et lille caféområde, hvor du kan få serveret lokale specialiteter, nyde en kop kaffe eller en dejlig frokost.

Vi hjælper gerne virksomheder, hvis de mangler et sted at holde møder, seminarer eller konferencer.


Hotel Stop'n Sleep

Stop’nSleep Hotel is a great alternative to traditional hotels, where you often pay for services you do not use. Instead, we offer cheap stays in nice rooms made in Scandinavian design, with shower/ toilet, TV and free internet.
We offer delicious food on our menu and a nice restaurant and lounge to make your stay pleasant and cosy. From Restaurant Marni we also offers catering for both lunch and dinner.

IHK zu Schwerin

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania represent the commercial economy interests in its federal state for around 90,000 member companies, representing ca. 500,000 employees. In doing so, it advises companies, bundles their interests in politics and administration, and trains people - on the federal, national, and with its AHK network on an international level.

ABST MV, the order advice center is a joint service facility of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce as well as the Chambers of Crafts in the state of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. It supports companies in the construction, delivery and service sectors in exploring the public market at regional, national and international level and in participating in tenders. It helps public clients to tender in accordance with public procurement law and to find suitable applicants and bidders.


Indus Sverige AB

The company carries renting and selling of removable modulular buildings like offices, lockers, canteens, places of business- staff room and more. The company is placed in Gothenburg where the headquarter is located. There is another office outside Stockholm and in Norway.
The modules has a large variation of planning. They can be stacked at height or in a long row. During the rental time Indus is responsible for the function and installation of the facilities, when its perfomed by Indus. The customer is responsible for consumables, as if they owned the facility.
The facilities have various sizes, layouts and standards, and is intended for various needs based of time of the stay and area of use. The products is transported by truck to the place where they are about to put together into one whole functioning facility. The same procedur when dismantling and retransport.
The deliveries precede when the application have applied and got approved, followed by a comprehensive plan is started. Obligatory construction meetings and according to claim authorities is informed in all action before transport begins.

Indus is a solid family company founded in1974. Our core business is rental, but in this particular occasion as Fehmanrn Link, Indus are willing to sell modular buildings as well.



JKS originally set sails as a minor shipyard close to Ringkøbing, Denmark, back in 1995. Since then JKS has developed and expanded to what we today know as the largest recruitment and temp agency in Denmark. We are specialists in making the right match between candidate and company as well as securing your company the specialists for succeeding.
At JKS we recruit on all levels and within all branches – within JKS Staffing and JKS Career. This is subject to whether you are looking for a temporary employment or as company are searching for your new CFO!
JKS have also on boarded our newest business line – JSK Professionals. JKS professionals are project focused and work primarily with freelance candidates. Also in the construction area!
In a world of constant changes we do not believe it is a matter of delivering more of the same. We believe it is a question of challenging our selves to be better in finding the potential. It is about focusing on, what we do not know, we can! As individual and as company!
This is what opens up for new opportunities. New growth. And new ways to get the highest potential in all of us.
At JKS we see this as our most important mission. Today and in the future.

Femern Agency

Jobcenter Lolland is the local Public Employment Service. Jobcenter Lolland is connected to all Jobcenters in Region Zealand, and we will be recruitment partner for all companies, who will participate in building the fixed link between Denmark and Germany. Jobcenter Lolland is partner in Femern Agency together with Jobcenter Guldborgsund, and through this cooperation, the job center will also support the companies in connection with government duties related to foreign labor. http://www.lolland.dk

Femern Agency

Jobcenter Lolland is the local Public Employment Service. Jobcenter Lolland is connected to all Jobcenters in Region Zealand, and we will be recruitment partner for all companies, who will participate in building the fixed link between Denmark and Germany. Jobcenter Lolland is partner in Femern Agency together with Jobcenter Guldborgsund, and through this cooperation, the job center will also support the companies in connection with government duties related to foreign labor. http://www.lolland.dk

Krinak A/S

Krinak A/S is the local shipping company established with offices, warehouses and storage areas at all ports on Lolland-Falster and Southern Zealand

We have a large local, national and international network and are thereby able to offer our customers the best solutions within shipping, transport, logistics, storage etc.

We have our own equipment for stevedoring, loading/discharging of vessels and can therefore handle project cargo, bulk cargo and pallet goods with competent and experienced stevedore employees as coordinators

HSSEQ is always our main priority

Krinak A/S is certified in accordance to ISO 9001:9015, GMP+B3/GMP and the Fonasba Quality Standard


MEVA Danmark

MEVA is a family owned and managed manufacturer of formwork technology with an international profile. We supply the contractor community from 40 locations across the world. Our home is in Haiterbach in the northern Black Forest region in Germany's beautiful south west. In the Headquarters we do research and development, production, logistics, engineering, sales and international sales business support.

MEVA has been a pioneer and driving force in the formwork industry since 1970. Many MEVA inventions and developments have become industry standard, such as the clamp and the closed hollow frame profile.

We are an independent company, family owned and managed in the second generation. Approximately 600 employees generate annual sales of more than € 130 Mio.

We offer our customers a comprehensive product portfolio covering all formwork requirements from foundation to high-rise, from hand-set formwork to automatic climbing technology.

We are internationally active and present with 40 locations in over 30 countries on five continents.


NJORD Law Firm

NJORD Law Firm is one of the few Danish law firms committed to the development of business in the Nordic and the Baltic region, which is one of the most dynamic growth areas in Europe. We provide legal services within all areas of corporate and commercial law with an emphasis on international transactions. NJORD’s international construction group includes some of the best lawyers in Denmark, enabling us to offer the highest quality of support in all legal areas. We have expertise in drafting, negotiating and reviewing construction contracts, especially based on the FIDIC or the AB system, which is often applied in Denmark. We do not just advise on construction law, nor do we simply provide legal advice. We offer the full package of legal services from consultancy on the tendering process and construction contract management to dispute resolution, including high-quality advice on tax, litigation, employment and labour law. Our lawyers in the German Nordic Legal team provide services in both Danish and German languages. http://njordlaw.com

Nordheim Service GmbH

Unsere Firma ist ein traditioneller Handels- und Handwerksbetrieb, welches in der Antriebstechnik gefragt ist.
Durch unsere Firmengruppe können wir von Elektromotoren über Pumpentechnik viele Anlangen komplett betreuen.
Unser Handelszweig ermöglicht es uns, schnell zu agieren, wenn z.b. ein neuer Motor für eine Anlage benötigt wird.
Mit dem Servicezweig werden diese von unseren Mitarbeitern zuverlässig eingebaut und auch im weiteren Verlauf fachmännisch betreut.

Norva24 Danmark A/S

Norva24 er Skandinaviens største leverandør af kloak- og serviceydelser. Hvad enten du er en privat virksomhed, offentlig institution eller privat husejer, så har vi den helt rigtige løsning til din udfordringer. http://www.norva24.dk


PGE Ekoserwis is a company owned by PGE Group, a leader on an energy sector and a lignite opencast mining.
Among other, PGE Ekoserwis is an experienced and a market well recognized company in a field of classified fly ashes for the concrete and cement industries as well as a supplier of high quality gypsum for the building materials production.
PGE Ekoserwis depots and storages are located in different parts of Poland.
We are opened to extend a cooperation in range of fly ashes and gypsum with foreign clients.

Quicktube A/S

Quicktube A/S is a leading Company with 3D lasercutting solutions within steel pipes and beams.

Through innovative design possibilities with the 3D laser tecnology, we help out customers saving significant time and money in their assembly and production.

Located in the Middle of Denmark we can deliver in a very fast and efficient way.



Relocare is Relocation-Taxation-Global Mobility-Cultural training-retention.
our services include;
Global Relocation Management
Attraction and recruitment of expats
International tax consultancy, tax registration and tax return
Social security, Eures transfer rules and pension
Relocation 360 degree including job support for spouses and all destination services
Retention programs and cultural coaching
cultural training and intercultural profile assessment of employees, HR and management
Consulting on talent Management, on boarding programs programs and HR legal assistance for various area with connection to GMS and employment staff.

RGS Nordic

RGS Nordic specialises in the treatment of contaminated soil, waste water and recycling of construction and demolition waste. We operate more than 35 reception and treatment facilities in Denmark, Sweden and Norway – including the facility in Stigsnæs, which is Scandinavia's largest commercial biological purification plant for waste water.

We receive more than 2.5 million tonnes of soil and waste at our facilities every year, and actually treat one third of all waste from construction projects in Denmark. At Stigsnæs, we purify more than 400,000 tonnes of waste annually. We employ approx. 230 employees.

Our vision
We want to offer our children a world where the Earth's resources are cleaned and recycled.

Our mission
We make it easy for our customers to make the circular economy a good business.


RH Diving ApS

We do all kind of subsea work, ect. ROV, inspection, welding, counseling. http://www.rhdiving.dk


Udlejningsvirksomhed af maskinel til arbejde i højden http://www.riwal.dk

Scan Con Group A/S

Scan Con leverer fleksibel arbejdskraft indenfor flere faggrupper af såvel kort som lang varighed. Vores kernekompetence er indenfor stål (plade og svejs), rør, mekanisk og elektro. Vi bruger KUN faglært personale, med netop de svejsecertifikater der i de enkelte tilfælde er behov for. Vi har i dag omkring 600 + medarbejdere afsted på projekter rundt omkring i hele Skandinavien samt på Færøerne.

Vi sammensætter i hvert enkelt partnerskab et unikt setup, som matcher det behov, som måtte være hos fx jer. Det være sig i form af en totalløsning, hvor vi står for alt mht. medarbejder, rejse, bolig, kost, bil, værktøj, arbejdstøj etc. eller det kan være et enklere setup, hvor kun dele af førnævnte indgår.

Vi kan således med kort responstid levere:

• Fleksibelt arbejdskraft.
• Fleksibilitet i forhold til projektvarighed.
• Totalløsning om dette er aktuelt i forhold til rejse, bolig, bil, værktøj etc.

Med kontorer rundt omkring i Skandinavien samt i Litauen, Polen og Rumænien, kan vi hurtigt få det efterspurgte personale frem til jer. Vi har altid biler og udstyr mobiliseret rundt omkring i Skandinavien og har fx i relation til vores jyske samarbejdspartnere biler og udstyr i fx Billund, da flere medarbejdere kommer hertil via Billund Lufthavn.

I forhold til Femern Byggeriet har vi en helt unik placering. Blot 35 minutters kørsel fra Rødbyhavn ligger vores hovedkontor, som rummer stort værksted, administration, kontaktpersoner, lagerhal, køretøjer og kæmpe lager med maskinelt værktøj, biler, alle afskygninger af manuelt værktøj og sikkerhedsudstyr. Skulle der opstå akutte og pludselige behov, er alt dette derfor blot en halv times kørsel væk. Nærmere betegnet Nørre Alslev på Falster.


Scankab Cables

As a Manufacturer of Power Cables we have vast Know-how of cables for Buildings, Power Plants, Marine Industry, Data Centers and Heavy Industry.
We are well known to have the right Products, Reliability, Service and of course the right Prices.
We also have the biggest stock of LSZH Cable in Europe and is one of the leaders when it comes to CPR Classes.

Besides that we work closely with our customers and their advisors, regarding the development of products and projects
We have a large export throughout the entire world, and we therefore reach far beyond the local borders.



Svendborg International Maritime Academy is the largest maritime traning institute in Denmark. We educate and train in all aspect of the maritime industry from technical, security to management and culturel differences. http://www.simac.dk

Sydslam A/s

High pressure cleaning. Mammoth trucks and sludge trucks. Industrial cleaning for large infrastructure and constructions projects. We focus on quality and safety in our work. http://www.sydslam.dk

thinkproject Benelux

All projects need a single source of truth. In complex construction projects, people create masses of data which needs to be reliably collected, managed and disseminated. Our secure, cloud-based solutions support the entire project lifecycle. We connect people, teams, processes, information and systems across company boundaries, enabling an open, collaborative approach.

thinkproject‘s construction intelligence platform also enables mobile access, keeping every worker connected to their project regardless of what hardware is at their fingertips - even supporting workers when poor connectivity prevents internet access. By facilitating digital interactions where things happen, we enable efficient project delivery.


TP Smede og Marineservice ApS

Reparation og vedligeholdelse af skibe og både, diverse smedearbejde

TPH Bausysteme GmbH

We are ar industry Pioneers, a leading Germany based developer and manufacturar of integrated injection resins for complex ground stabilization and waterproofing.works. We help our clients to prevent and mitigate ground risks within high challenging tunnel and foundationworks in an unseen way! http://www.tph-bausysteme.com

Uni-Safe A/S

Uni-Safe A/S - Sea and Aeronautical Safety

Uni-Safe covers all aspects of safety at sea - both commercial and professional segment.
It is not only professionally and longstanding seamanship - but also good business sense behind the company in marine safety - Uni-Safe.
Uni-Safe has a position as the leading supplier of life saving appliances and PPE equipment in generel.

Our product range covers:
• Lifejackets
• Personal protective equipment (PPE)
• Outboard engines
• Pyrotechnical products
• Work- and Boarding Boat
• Inflatable- and RIB boat
• Liferaft
• Lifebuoys
• Rescue net


Vagtselskabet CS-Vagt

The security services company CS-VAGT was founded by manager and owner Claus Stechnik in 1996. Through 22 years, the company has become the largest security services company in Sydsjælland and Lolland Falster and employs approximately 50 dedicated guards. Together with the sister company Vikar Specialisten ApS, we have approximately 200 security employees, and we generate an annual turnover of approximately 55 million DKK.
CS-VAGT is nationwide and ISO 9001: 2015 certified company within all security services and all types of technical security solutions. CS-VAGT is one of two companies in Denmark, which is ISO certified and approved by the trade organization Forsikring & Pension within all types of security services within security.
CS-VAGT has a special engineering department, CS-VAGT Sikring & Teknik, which has extensive competence in delivery and installation of ISPS solutions, AIA systems, ADK systems, advanced TVO systems and complex Milestone and Axis solutions.

POP-UP Uddannelse

Pop-Up uddannelser er en on-site uddannelsesmulighed for både medarbejdere på byggepladsen og underleverandører. Konceptet bygger på en ny måde at tænke kompetenceudvikling på og kombinerer digitalisering, geografisk placering og nytænkning.

Byggepladsen bliver i kombination med områdets relevante uddannelser en aktiv medspiller i udviklingen af medarbejderens kompetencer med fokus på at løse de konstante udfordringer der opstår i en byggefase. Konceptet tager udgangspunkt i byggepladsens iboende læringspotentialer, hvor den nyeste teknologi vil indgå.


Femern Belt Development

At the Femern Belt Development stand you can find information on two of our projects:
Fehmarn Link as growth driver:
The project ”Femern forbindelsen som vækstdriver” (Fehmarn link as growth driver) supports companies possibilities to become sub-contractors in connection with the Fehmarnbelt construction work.
The project also works with the trainee logistic, e.g. to achieve a traineeship in a company working as contractor in the construction work and to find supplementary traineeship.
Femern Belt Marketplace:
If you aim to become a subcontractor to the Femern Belt Project, you now have the opportunity to introduce yourself and to show what your company can offer.
When you register your company in the Marketplace portal, you will have complete access to see and to contact all the other businesses who wish to be part of the construction. The price for registration is €100/yearly.

Wexus Gruppen AS

Wexus Gruppen is a producer and supplier of modular buildings to most industrial segments, Municipal and state institutions. The modular buildings are either sold or rented out depending on the clients need or preferences. Wexus is partially owned by Norvestor VII L.P. (ca. 55%) managed by Norvestor Equity AS with main office in Oslo, and key employees from the company (ca. 45%).
Wexus' main office is located in Stavanger, Norway, while our manufacturing facility (Module Tech OÜ) is located in Tallinn, Estonia.
Wexus has experienced a strong growth since the company first were established and has during the past years become one of the leading suppliers of modular buildings in Norway.
Wexus were established, and is led by an experienced management with broad experience from the modular construction industry. The consolidated revenue for the company in 2019 was approx. 300 million NOK and further growth is expected in 2020.
In 2017, we established an office (Wexus AB) in Stockholm, Sweden. We have currently a camp in Stockholm for the project “Förbifart Stockholm”. The camp consist of 2 accommodation rigs (88 men accommodation) and is planned to be extended by at least one more rig plus a canteen shortly.
The company’s production in Tallinn has obtained own technical approvals from SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations. We have opened a new production facility in October 2019, which has a production capacity of minimum 1500 modules per year. The new plant after its opening are already filled up with bookings for module production throughout April 2020.
The company and the management group have long experience in setting up large accommodation camps for Oil & Gas - , Infrastructure- and other industry. We have currently a camp at Brattvåg (a ship yard) consisting of accommodation for approximately 300 persons. Several camps for road projects in various places in Norway, and for the fish-industry. We would like to specially mention Melkøya for Equinor (Statoil) consisting of accommodation for approximately 1500 persons.
Wexus Gruppen is now looking for opportunities in Denmark and have already been invited to bid for several Projects.

Wexøe A/S

For more than 50 years Wexøe have supplied reliable and maintenance-free overhead contact lines systems and components to the Danish rail industry. We are a recognized leading specialist in the field of electrical infrastructure. Around 70 employees develop, produce, and sell components and end-to-end solutions for modern rail projects. We are headquartered in Værløse, close to Copenhagen and also have offices in Vejle and Lund, Sweden. http://www.wexoe.dk

Wurth Denmark

Wurth is a strong partner on all kind of C Parts and many concept for Building projects https://www.wuerth.dk/da/dk/home

Zealand - Sjællands Erhvervsakademi

Vi udbyder en lang række uddannelser der er meget relevante for virksomheder og medarbejdere inden for målgruppen. http://www.zealand.dk

Zeppelin Danmark A/S

As part of the Zeppelin Group, Zeppelin Danmark A/S is active in the distribution and service of construction machines and offers rental and project solutions for the construction and industry sectors as well as propulsion and energy systems. The portfolio of the rental business ranges from construction machines and equipment to forklifts, material lifts, working platforms, telehandlers and vehicles to landscaping equipment. Customers benefit from latest technology, professional services and know-how. For more information, visit zeppelin.com. http://www.zeppelin.com

Partners behind the Fehmarn Link Business Conference