Fehmarn Link Business Conference - NEW DATE!

New date: OCTOBER 29, 2020

Building Network - The strongest network in the region

Profile your company on the larger construction projects in the region

Building Network is the strongest business network in the Oresund and Femern Belt Region with a team of international procurement and sales specialists who can optimize and target your efforts to expand and win future construction projects in the region.



Our consultancy services consist of:

  • selection and translation of relevant information in connection with future construction projects, framework agreements and tenders
  • creating contact and early dialogue with professional construction clients, advisors and contractors
  • procurement services in connection with writing public tenders
  • match-making with advisors, suppliers and partners, who solve future projects together and improve the winning possibilities

Dialogue and visibility

The Network was established with the aim of helping companies to gain direct contact and enter into dialogue with decision-makers and building clients in the construction, building and service sector.

The goal is to enhance your company’s competitive position, ensuring that you deploy every one of your skills, when dealing with relevant business partners and potential new customers. 

A strong Network 

The Network comprises a strong team of local, regional, national and international companies, working together to acquire an increased share of current and future building and construction tasks.

Unique knowledge and information

Day in and day out, we gather information and knowledge about relevant projects within the private, municipal, regional and governmental fields. We convey this information directly to our members via newsletters, at our Network meetings or directly in your mailbox.

Exclusive events

In association with regions, municipalities, local business associations, trade organisations and educational institutions, the Network initiates intensive and exclusive events and workshops.

In advance of future building projects, construction tasks and service contracts, we invite developers, consultants, contractors and relevant decision makers to present current projects and to participate in market discussion with potential providers.

Individual consulting services

Being a member of the Network will provide you with access to all our business partners and consultancy services. Everything is targeted at your company’s individual needs: for example, advice about prequalification and quality assurance when tendering. We provide: information about upcoming projects or framework agreements, contact with potential business partners, advice on promoting your company and entering partnerships for major construction projects.

Win more public tenders, framework agreements and projects

See more information on our latest exclusive event: "The Hospital Construction Projects Conference and Expo 2016" where almost 400 participants gained unique information about 4 Danish hospital Construction projects at a total value of DKK 20 billion to be completed within the next 10 years.

See the 4 hospital construction project videos

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